Why Coslat?

SSL inspection for web filtering is up to your preference

Whether to install certificates for filtering HTTPS sites or not is your choice. If your users experience issues installing certificates, the Coslat Smart HTTPs Filter feature allows you to block HTTPS sites transparently without encountering this problem.

Easily Plug-and-Play for Branches

With Coslat's specially defined Plug-and-Play feature for SD-WAN, it enables secure and easy connections in both Central and Branch structures. It allows your endpoints to connect to the center without the need for fixed IP addresses, regardless of your endpoints' internet connection methods. Additionally, IT personnel are not required during endpoint setup. Just delivering the Coslat device to the branch is sufficient.

Control Over Internet-Based Applications

You decide which applications your users can run over the internet. Coslat Application Filter not only blocks malicious applications but also helps you control applications that consume excessive bandwidth or those you believe your users spend too much time on.


Coslat Hotspot provides secure and isolated connections for your guests. It assists in creating custom access options for your visiting guests specific to your company. Your only task is to choose the easiest and safest option for your guests.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

The Coslat IDS/IPS module allows you to easily detect and prevent potential external attacks. Besides the predefined rules it comes with, its flexible structure even aids in creating your own signatures. It's designed for easier and more effective security.

Traffic Monitoring and Alerts

Besides allowing you to monitor internet usage in real time, Coslat also generates automatic notifications, sending you messages regarding the rules you've defined. This way, when faced with unwanted activities, you can stay informed without having to access the interface.


Empower Against Cyber Threats with Coslat Firewall!

Coslat Hardware stands out with its high standards of security and robust performance. Each product is designed to effectively protect user data against cyber threats. Coslat Hardware provides a reliable and durable solution through its advanced technology, offering customers a peaceful digital experience.

Small Business

( < 100 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Small Business model is specifically designed for the needs of small businesses, featuring a compact design, providing a robust firewall, and offering fast data processing capacity.

Mid-Size Business

( 100-500 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Mid-Size model is designed to meet the security expectations of medium-sized businesses with its expandable features and compatibility with complex network structures.


( > 500 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Enterprise elevates corporate security to the highest level by providing advanced threat detection, management features, and high-performance data processing capacity in large-scale enterprise networks.

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