Coslat Hotspot


Different Authentication Options

Helps you determine authentication options by simultaneously offering different authentication profiles for your customers.

Reporting and 5651 Record Keeping

Allows you to keep records in accordance with the 5651 law and create desired report templates with advanced reporting options.


Custom Login Screens for Corporate Identities

Allows you to create custom designs for your company with easy-to-use menus such as design, HTML editing, and language options, and also facilitates the easy upload of your own designs.


Advertising or Information (such as GDPR Text)

Has all the features necessary to inform your customers, offer them advertisements, or meet your survey needs.


Third-Party Integrations (Ldap, Radius, AD, Hotel Software, Databases)

Includes all integrations for different authentication requests. It also easily integrates with any system you desire.


Firewall Features (Filtering, Quotas, Speed Limits)

Includes firewall features when you need to ensure fair use or define specific permissions.

Hotspot Features

  • Multi language web interface
  • Language support
  • Signed Log with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with Law 5651
  • Bulk add users with CSV
  • Registration via SMS
  • Registration options with sponsor
  • Quota and bandwidth management
  • Allowed Mac and IP address identification
  • DHCP server support
  • Detailed reporting
  • Integration with hotel software
  • Firewall features
  • Login page customization
  • GDPR compatibility
  • Advanced user and group management
  • Identity Number Check
  • Multiple registration options
  • Administrator notification
  • Integration with Radius Server
  • Active Directory integration
  • Advertisement and Survey feature
  • Integration with 3rd party apps
  • Https login screen
  • Integration with External Portals


Empower Against Cyber Threats with Coslat Firewall!

Coslat Hardware stands out with its high standards of security and robust performance. Each product is designed to effectively protect user data against cyber threats. Coslat Hardware provides a reliable and durable solution through its advanced technology, offering customers a peaceful digital experience.

Small Business

( < 100 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Small Business model is specifically designed for the needs of small businesses, featuring a compact design, providing a robust firewall, and offering fast data processing capacity.

Mid-Size Business

( 100-500 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Mid-Size model is designed to meet the security expectations of medium-sized businesses with its expandable features and compatibility with complex network structures.


( > 500 Users )

The Coslat Firewall Enterprise elevates corporate security to the highest level by providing advanced threat detection, management features, and high-performance data processing capacity in large-scale enterprise networks.