Coslat Certified
Network Security Professional

Professionals holding the CCNSP certification may possess the skills to complete the initial setup stages of the Coslat Firewall, implement security measures within a local network, provide configuration for a small guest network, and utilize basic troubleshooting tools. This enables them to guide the initiation of essential steps that may be required for network security.

Initial Setup and Configuration
  • WAN Configuration (Bridge Mode)
  • WAN Configuration (Static IP)
  • WAN Configuration (DMZ Mode)
  • Lan Configuration
  • DHCP Server Configuration
  • DHCP Server Configuration
  • Training Content
    DHCP Range Determination
    IP-MAC Matching
    DHCP Options (DNS server)
    Port Forwarding
  • Port Forwarding
  • Training Content
    Port Forwarding
    Source Determination
    Firewall Rules
  • Firewall Rules Forwarding
  • Training Content
    Service Portal General Configuration
  • General Configuration
  • Registration Page
  • User Settings
  • 5651 Logging Settings
  • Local Signing
  • Qualified Signing
  • Signing Period
  • Tools
  • Tools
  • Training Content
    Ping - Traceroute
    Speed Test
    Port Test
    Traffic Graphs
    User Interface Configuration
  • Web Interface
  • Command Line Interface