Coslat Blacklist Update

Coslat Blacklist Update

Coslat Blacklist Update

To enable clients to access specified sites and for filtering purposes, Coslat comes with blacklists. It contains a blacklist consisting of 74 categories containing nearly 10 million websites. When new websites are added, the Coslat blacklist is automatically updated. Blacklist updates can also be manually triggered without waiting for automatic update periods.

Click the "+" icon on the Coslat Dashboard to add the "Coslat Blacklist Status" component to the system.

If there is a new blacklist update available in the system, the system will display a message indicating that an update has been detected.

Click on the "Update" text to initiate the update. 

Once the update is complete, you will be redirected to the homepage. 
Important: Leaving the page before the update is complete may corrupt the update package.