Coslat Update

Coslat Update

Coslat Update Configuration
The Coslat firewall application is being rid of errors with updates and gaining new features. By default, updates are disabled.

" System > Update " menu leads to update settings.

1.) Manual Update : Enables manual loading and execution of update packages into the system. Any update package obtained from the Coslat support team can be installed through this section.

2.) Automatic Update: Section where update packages are downloaded from the specified address and automatically run on the system.
For automatic updating to be active, first, options for update server, URL, and unsigned image settings need to be enabled in the "Update Settings " menu.

3.) Automatic Update: After update configuration settings, update control can be performed. If an update is detected at the specified URL, upgrading can be executed.

Important: When automatic upgrade is completed, the system will be automatically restarted.