DHCP Server

DHCP Server

DHCP Configuration
DHCP Features;
1. IP Addressing
2. Reservation
3. Preventing access of unidentified clients with Static ARP
4. Bootp options
5. Additional DHCP / BOOTP options

To configure DHCP, go to the "Services > DHCP" server menu.
DHCP Server can serve multiple subnets. DHCP configuration for which subnet will be provided should be done through that tab.

In the example above, DHCP service is enabled on the "LAN" interface. Subnet, Subnet mask, and Available Range sections are defined by the system according to the IP address of the interface.
Important: The interface must have a static IP address for DHCP service to work.

You can specify the IP address block to be distributed from the "Range" section. If DNS and Gateway definitions are left blank, Coslat will configure them with its own IP address.
DHCP Static Mapping: It should be defined to ensure that the same IP address is assigned by DHCP to the specified MAC address. It can be used to facilitate management in filtering and similar processes or to provide internet access only to computers with defined IP/MAC.

Click "+" to add. Enter the MAC address of the desired client and the IP address to be assigned by DHCP in the opened page.
Important: The IP address specified for reservation must be outside the IP Block assigned by DHCP.

Preventing unidentified computers from getting IP:

In the page where DHCP Server configuration is provided, only reserved computers can obtain an IP address with the "Reject Unidentified Clients" option.

Preventing unidentified computers from accessing the internet:

Internet access of systems with assigned static IP addresses can be blocked via DHCP. The option specified below must be enabled to allow only reserved computers to access the internet.

Important: After enabling this setting, all clients not included in DHCP Reservations will lose Coslata and internet access. Don't forget to add the IP address of the system you manage to Reservations.