URL Filtering

URL Filtering


Follow the steps below to automatically transfer the 5651 records on Coslat to an FTP server.
Select "Log Backup" from the "System" menu.

Backup to FTP: Indicates whether the FTP backup service is enabled or disabled.

FTP Address: Specifies the FTP address where the backups will be sent.

Username: Specifies the username information for the target FTP address.

Password: Specifies the password information for the target FTP address.
Backup Interval: Specifies the time interval to be backed up.
FTP Folder: Specifies the target folder on the target FTP address.
Passive Mode: Activates FTP passive mode.

Frequency Options: Specifies how often the backup will be performed according to the settings mentioned above.

Successful Backups: Indicates the backups successfully transferred to FTP.

Failed Backups: Indicates the backups that failed during FTP transfer.